• Every song is different making every mix different.

    Each mix will be approached with an open mind and fresh ears, giving each track the attention it deserves:

    •A focused listening session to take note of the strengths and weaknesses of your song

    •Proper gain staging to maximize headroom and clarity

    •Strategic EQ to help each track sit well inside the mix

    •Tasteful use of compression to create balance and energy

    •Tasteful, creative uses of Reverb, Delay, and other special effects to "sweeten", and enhance musicality

    The mixing process can be completed for anyone globally through the Internet using free file sharing software. Local musicians can supply necessary files through the Internet or in person. Once the mix is completed, an mp3 will be sent to you so that you can listen to your music. If you hear things in the mix that you would like to have tweaked, you can send back notes regarding the desired changes and a first revision of the mix will be completed and returned to you for your evaluation. If necessary, this process will occur once more and result in the second and final revision of your mix. (Additional revisions are available at the hourly rate.)